Monday, August 17, 2009

Chocolate Vodka


Did you know that there is a "Bubble Gum" flovored Vodka? That the latest trend in "adult beverages" (that are not wine) is "Sweet Tea"? Have you ever had Elderflower liqueur?

Well, Kevin and Sondra have. Who are Kevin and Sondra? They are the dynamic duo that make up Suburban's Spirit buying/tasting/concocting team. If it's in the world of Spirits...we are on it.

Kevin loves to take new items home and tinker with them to come up with new are some winers that Kevin came up with very late one night with a bottle of Chocolate Vodka....

The Black Bear

2 Oz Chocolate Vodka
¾ Oz Kahlua or similar coffee liqueur.
Add ingredients over ice.
Stir and enjoy.

The Dancing Bear

Just add a splash of club soda

The Polar Bear

Add heavy cream or milk. Blend or
shake with ice for a frozen delight.


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