Friday, August 7, 2009

R Wines Tasting 8.8.09

It's Time to Taste... R Wines
Saturday, August 8th, 12-5pm

Get to know these extraordinary values in Australian wine at a mid-summer tasting devoted exclusively to them! Chris Ringland the famed winemaker behind such delicious and outrageously-packaged wines as Marquis Philips, Evil, Suxx, Strong Arms (and now, from California, Green Lion,) has been keeping our Australian section interesting for some years now. A representative from Importer The Grateful Palate will be here to sample you on a healthy handful of his R Wines. Everything opened will be available for purchase at 20% off all day.

Table One – The Grateful Palate – Sheila Healey
2007 R Wines Baby Roogle Red
2007 R Wines Baby Roogle Shiraz
2007 R Wines Darby & Joan Cabernet Sauvignon
2008 R Wines Bitch Grenache
2007 R Wines Evil Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 R Wines Strong Arms Shiraz
2008 R Wines Marquis Philips Shiraz
2008 R Wines Marquis Philips Cabernet Sauvignon

Table Two – Martin Scott Wines – Stuart Gray
2006 R Wines Green Lion Napa Valley Merlot
2007 R Wines Luchador Shiraz
2007 R Wines Boarding Pass Shiraz
2007 R Wines Suxx Shiraz
2007 R Wines First Class Shiraz

Pre-Arrivals – (Limited - 3 Bottle Maximum Order)
2008 R Wines Marquis Philips 44 Riesling
2007 R Wines Marquis Philips G.G. Grenache
2007 R Wines Chateau Chateau Skulls Mataro/Grenache
2007 R Wines Chris Ringland Shiraz

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