Monday, October 26, 2009

My First Attempt at Braised Short Ribs


At out "Big Show" this past Saturday, Pratt's Inn served up some of their famous short ribs to our hungry customers. I sneaked back for a taste and immediately knew that I had to have more. If you have never had a perfectly cooked short rib...let me tell are missing out on something very special. The perfect blend of crispy crust, tender meat and melted ribbons of fat explode in your mouth. It really is quite a treat. So after I hit the hardware store (Sunday's are very exciting in my house), I headed over to the butcher to get some short ribs.

I rushed home and scoured the internet for a recipe that piqued my interest. I found a few that I liked, got the general idea of what to do, and decided to wing it. Here is what I came up with....

I first salted and peppered the ribs after letting them come to room temperature. Next I seared them in some butter and garlic until a nice crust was formed on the outside.

In a dutch oven, I had already placed chopped onions, carrots and celery...along with a full bottle of red wine and about 3 cups of chicken stock.

Once the searing was complete, I put the ribs into the "sauce", covered the pan and put it into the oven for about two hours. I then took the lid off and let it continue to cook for anouther 45 minuted or so (until the sauce reduced to where I wanted to to).

When this was complete, I took out the ribs (the bones had already fallen off), placed them on a cookie sheet and put them under the broiler until sufficiently crisp.

Serve it up...

The result? They came out great...the kids thought they were a bit bland, but loved them with some gravy. I would welcome suggestions as to different ways to prepare them.

I went with a bottle of La Massa IGT 2007. It was a nice match.

- Lance Cerutti


Anonymous said...

Try this recipe from Chef Ming Tsai - you won't regret it!

Suburban Wines said...

Thanks....I will have to try that one!

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