Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ode to In-N-Out


So…every year I go to Las Vegas for some play-time. Me and three buddies get off the plane, luggage in tow and make a bee-line for a taxi. If you have ever been to Vegas and taken a cab from the airport, you know that their could be a 20 minute wait for a cab. Not because they are few and far between, but because there are so many people on the line. I digress.

We get in the cab and head straight for…you guessed it – In-N-Out Burger. We offer to but the driver some food, and pay for him to wait while we devour the finest fast-food in the nation. If you haven’t been, then you simply do not understand. This family owned chain of burger stands is by far the best. Only in four states (California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah), they have no interest in franchising elsewhere.

Why is it so good? Well, I would have to say that it is because they keep it pretty simple and straight forward. Take a low at the menu below.

No fancy options…no chicken…no pancakes…just burgers made in house from fresh stuff. I know that this sounds like an advertisement for the place…but I guess it is so good I just feel that strongly about it!

They do have a "secret" menu that is available. It's actually pretty cool, but ultimately it is just variations of the regular menu. It so secret, that you can see it on their website (

It is probably a good thing (for my health) that there are no locations in my area...

Bottom line - go there... - Lance Cerutti

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