Saturday, November 14, 2009

The "Finding Nemo" Fish Buritto

Today, I ate perhaps my 20th “Finding Nemo” fish burrito from Edwin’s, deli here in Yorktown, and it’s about time I reviewed it. This is a Friday lunch special that Lance, George and I order every time we remember to, and it always rocks! A generous amount of breaded flounder chunks are interspersed within a bead of rice, topped by avocado, spicy chipotle mayo and a touch of raw onion, rolled in a soft, un-grilled wrap. Not only is there a savory/spicy flavor interplay that leaves a beautiful sting of heat in the throat, but there is a surreal textural contrast between the mild crunch of the fish batter and the tenderness of the rest of the wrap. This burrito is weighty and dense, and on some days can make for two meals. I highly recommend that you indulge in one the next time you’re in Yorktown Heights on a Friday.

–Michael Koehler

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Bruno said...

Come on boy! What are you guys drinking with it?? I hope a nice, lively Riesling... preferably a Kabinett. That is unless you guys have a stash of beer hangin' out at the office... Nuthin' like a crisp pilsner after schlepping wine around all day huh.