Monday, January 4, 2010

Suburban’s Wine Tasting Philosophy


We here at Suburban have always believed in opening up wine for you, our valued customers. Over the years we have opened up thousands of bottles during our free tastings. “Try before you buy”…we are strong advocates of this and that will not change.

As most of you know, we have wine open every Saturday (usually 5 or 6 bottles). Then, about 20 times a year, we host larger tastings where we focus on a specific region or theme (ie Italy), and open up 20 – 30 bottles.
After spending a lot of time in 2009 listening to the feedback of our customers, two things stood out.

Firstly, and not surprisingly, you love to taste wine before you buy it! It is one of the things that you love about Suburban…the fact that we open wine each and every Saturday. This will not change.

Secondly, you also find that our large-scale tastings can, at times, make it difficult to assess and learn about the particular wines (and regions) that we are trying on any given day. Also, there are times that larger shows take away from the shopping experience of those who might prefer a more leisurely atmosphere.

Our plan for 2010 is to hold focused tastings each and every Saturday. At each tasting we will be pouring up to 18 wines and we will have to ability to really hone in on a particular region, varietal, or anything else that we might find fun and interesting..…hopefully offering a more precise, less hectic tasting and shopping atmosphere. And the best part is, throughout the course of the year…more wines will be open for you to taste!!

Our schedule for the first few months of 2010 is as follows:

Saturday, January 9th - Mag-o-licious

Saturday, January 16th -Wines of Argentina

Saturday, January 23rd -Wines of Chile

Saturday, January 30th -Winter Clearance Sale

Saturday, February 6th -New Arrivals

Saturday, February 13th -Valentine's Day Special

Saturday, February 20th -Wines of Washington State

Saturday, February 27th -Wines of South Africa

Saturday, March 6th -New Arrivals

Saturday, March 13th -Left Bank Bordeaux

Saturday, March 20th -Right Bank Bordeaux

Saturday, March 27th –Syrah

As always, we look forward to sharing our passion with you,

The Suburban Staff


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