Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peter Weygandt, Up Close.


On Friday evening, Oct 22nd, we pulled it off once again, as importer Peter Weygandt and his daughter Ida joined us for a thrilling, delectable, and educational wine-pairing dinner at Yorktown's Peter Pratt's Inn. The outrageous 5-course dinner was built around some of Mr. Weygandt's favorite Burgundies from his own portfolio, and he gave us an informative presentation preceding each flight. This exploration into '07 and '08 white and red Burgs, at all levels of pedigree, was attended by 60 ecstatic Suburban customers.

All the chatter about these 2 recent vintages being sub-standard in quality was finally disputed that night, when one wine after another impressed and delighted us. It's one thing for greats like Dugat-Py Coeur du Roy and the Grand Cru Clos des Lambrays to have stupendous showings regardless of vintage, but when relatively under-the-radar wines like '08 Domaine Servin Chablis Vielles Vignes Massale and '07 Jobard-Chobloz Auxey-Durresses had unsuspecting imbibers reeling over their price/quality ratio, a light went off in everyone's head. Importers like Weygandt are so passionate about wine that he only signs on with producers who take a similar pride in what they create. The proof is in the bottle, as we confirmed for ourselves in celebratory mode.

The evening was not just a "Burg-hound's" fantasy, but it was a foodie's delight. Jon Pratt's crew set a new standard for fine dining in Westchester County. In addition to sipping on generous portions of Mersault, Nuits-St-Georges, and Chambolle-Musigny, we feasted for nearly 4 hours on Pratt's unique and mostly locally-derived cuisine. Try not to drool as you look over that evening's menu below. This is why you absolutely must join us for our next wine dinner. –Michael Koehler

Potato Gnocchi with Braised Rabbit
Pheasant Ballotine with Hen O' The Woods, Pheasant Glace
Loin of Lamb Wellingtion, Foie Gras, Local Grown San Marzano Tomato Confit
Cheeses Of the Hudson Valley
Bedford Peach Ice Cream, Almond Biscotti

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Tom said...

Peter is one of the most genuine and passionate men I have met in the wine industry. I am glad to read this post.
What were the wines?