Friday, January 20, 2012

New Arrivals with "Weekend" George


New Arrivals
with the one and only
Weekend George!

Saturday, January 21st



St Magdalena Weissburgunder '10
Here, you're so far into northeast Italy (the Sudtirol section of Alto Adige to be exact), that the Pinot Bianco goes by its German name. Why drink Pinot Grigio when there are wines like this?

Venta Morales Organic Tempranillo '09
The newest addition to the Venta Morales label from La Mancha is a meticulously-grown, certified organic Tempranillo that sees some French oak. A substantial red for little green.

Sierra Cantabria Rioja Reserva Unica '07
Entering the world-class portion of our tasting, you'll get to be amongst the first to taste the serious and age-worthy Reserva from a familiar Rioja grower. Unica is something to behold.

Badenhorst Family Secateurs Red '10
Try on this Shiraz-driven blend from the Coastal Region of South Africa. This wine is vinified in ways similar to Southern Rhone, wherein the oak barrels used are old and neutral in flavor.

Hahn Cycles Gladiator Zinfandel '09
Celebrating the effect of the bicycle upon the liberation of western women 100 years ago, Cycles Gladiator Lodi Zin is fresh, alive, and fruitful. 15% alcohol, 100% delicious!

Longwood Shiraz The Shearer '07
The Shearer pays tribute to winemaker Phil Christiansen's former career as a wool classer. It's a McLaren Vale Shiraz of impressive proportions. As Phil would say, "Chew on this!"


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