Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well, here we are right smack in the middle of February. Things sure have changed over the last year or so! Everyone has been affected by the economy. Last year it seemed like the “perfect storm”…downturn in the economy, weak dollar abroad…wholesalers (the people we buy wine from) and wineries raising prices across the board. It was tough for everyone. As a store, it makes us work even harder to find the value that is out there. We held the line and did not raise many prices, absorbing the increases.

But from the customer standpoint, there seems to be alight at the end of this tunnel! The dollar is getting stronger, and the wholesalers have lots of unsold wine that we are making great deals on. About a week or so, I sat down and decided to put into writing some of the things that makes Suburban different from some of the other stores out there. What you may not see behind the scene here is that we literally taste hundreds of wines each week…constantly looking for value. Our team is scouring every possible buying option finding those hidden gems that are out there. We work hard, and I hope that it shows.

I would also like to thank each end every one of you for your continued patronage. Without all of you, there is no Suburban, and we are eternally grateful.

What makes Suburban different?

· We taste hundreds of wines per week, selecting new items based on delivering more value for your dollar.

· NO NEW ITEM graces our shelves unless we have tasted it and approved of it first.

· We host large-scale tasting events at least twice per month. AND, we open wine for you to taste every Saturday!

· Membership in our wine club allows you to get up to 30% or more off the items you purchase from us. Are you a member yet?

· We are always happy to special-order any item that we do not already carry.

· Need wine help or advice? We have a team of “wine geeks” ready to help with whatever you may need.

· Many times we find that big “name brands” simply do not deliver quality based upon their cost. Remember… their advertising budget comes from your pocket! We specialize in finding small-production wines from people who put their heart and soul into the bottle, offering a product that costs less than it should!

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