Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My bride and I shared a bottle of the2008 Donnas Valle d’Aosta Nebbiolo Rose last night with a baby Arugula salad. Yeah I know…enough about freakin’ rosé….we get it….you like it….

Fine…I will be brief then…just a quick tasting note…

2008 Donnas Valle D’Aosta Nebbiolo Rosé

I am a huge fan of this co-operative in Valle D’Aosta region in NW Italy, just north of Piemonte. As a matter of fact, their 2005 Valle D’Aosta (nebbiolo) was my “Wine of the Year” last year….great stuff all around at terrific prices. As for the rosé, it is a bit darker in color than many of the ones that your will see from France (nebbiolo will do that), but the darker color also offers up a bit more in terms of layers and complexity. Red berries and an herbal quality are noted and a gorgeous richness is present throughout. Good stuff and a bit beefier than some of the ones I have been enjoying to date…

- Lance Cerutti –

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