Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three “sleepers” were big time winners at our June New York Expo Event

This year, Suburban Wines & Spirits held two major New York Wine events, one on 6/6 featuring about 40 wines from a dozen Finger Lakes vintners and the other on 6/13, featuring about 30 wines from eight Long Island and Hudson Valley vintners. As you might expect, many of the better-known New York wines did quite well. These are premium wines made in large production quantities that are distributed nationwide to liquor stores and specialty wine merchants like us by the major wine and spirits distributors. Examples of these popular, best sellers from the Finger Lakes were: Dr. Konstantin Franc ’07 Dry Riesling (Keuka Lake Southwest), Hermann Wiemer ’07 Cabernet Franc (Seneca Lake West), and, on a smaller scale, Lamoreaux Landing ’07 T23 Cabernet Franc (Seneca Lake Northeast).

Similarly, at our Long Island/Hudson Valley event, other well-known and commercially distributed New York vintners did very well. Examples of these popular best sellers were: Millbrook ’08 Tocai Friulano (Hudson Valley West), Pellegrini ’05 Cabernet Franc (North Shore LI) and Wolffer Estate ’06 Chardonnay (The Hamptons LI).

But we also poured wines from several small, limited production, artisanal producers with whom we have developed a long-term relationship and from whom we buy direct, because their wines are not commercially distributed. These were the “sleepers” of the tasting and many of them outsold their commercially distributed peers! For example, Chateau Lafayette Reneau NV Seyval/Chardonnay (Seneca Lake Southeast) was the overall best seller for both events. At the Finger Lakes event, tiny Villa Bellangelo (Seneca Lake West – next to Hermann Wiemer) not only tied for #2 best seller with their ’06 Francesca Rosso Merlot-Cabernet blend, named after the owner’s oldest daughter, but also tied for #3 best seller with their ‘07 Bella Bianca Seyval-Vidal Blanc blend, named after the youngest daughter. And the overall best seller at the Hudson Valley/Long Island event was from yet another small family run vintner – Whitecliff Vineyards (Hudson Valley) – with their captivating ’08 Awosting White Seyval-Vignoles blend.

With over 70 New York wine labels from 20 top quality New York vintners in stock, we are proud to be able to provide our customers with excellent wines from both widely available, high-volume, premium winemakers as well as small, hard-to-find, family-owned artisanal producers. - Jay Roelof – Suburban’s New York Wine Director

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